Real People, Real Jobs

Efficiency Council member companies are a boon to California’s economy. Even during the economic downtown, the energy efficiency industry has continued to expand. Particularly as California residents and business feel the economic pinch, our member companies are ready to step in to help them find ways to save energy and keep more money in their pockets.  While many Californians are struggling to find jobs to make a livelihood and support their families, efficiency businesses are still continuing to hire.  Many talented people who have been laid off from other industries and some of the state’s brightest recent graduates have found that California’s vibrant energy efficiency industry provides the growth and stability that they need for a sustainable career. Several of our member companies have experienced a doubling or tripling (or more) in size over the past few years as demand for their efficiency services and products continuously increases.

This tremendous growth in California’s efficiency industry is supported by strong energy and climate policies in the state, like AB 32 and many others, which encourage energy efficiency and other clean energy solutions. These policies are good for the economy and good for jobs in California, supporting successful businesses that employ thousands of Californians.

See the company profiles below to learn more about some of our member companies and their employees who are helping Californians save energy, lower their utility bills, and improve the environment, all the while creating jobs and growing the economy.  These are the “Real People, Real Jobs” of California’s efficiency industry.